Équipe de Recherche en Physique de l'Information Quantique


Year = {2012},
Abstract = {While Quantum phase estimation (QPE) is at the core of many quantum algorithms
known to date, its physical implementation (algorithms based on quantum Fourier trans-
form (QFT) ) is highly constrained by the requirement of high-precision controlled phase
shift operators, which remain dicult to realize. In this paper, we introduce an al-
ternative approach to approximately implement QPE with arbitrary constant-precision
controlled phase shift operators.
The new quantum algorithm bridges the gap between QPE algorithms based on
QFT and Kitaev's original approach. For approximating the eigenphase precise to the
nth bit, Kitaev's original approach does not require any controlled phase shift operator.
In contrast, QPE algorithms based on QFT or approximate QFT require controlled
phase shift operators with precision of at least Pi/2n. The new approach lls the gap
and requires only arbitrary constant-precision controlled phase shift operators. From a
physical implementation viewpoint, the new algorithm outperforms Kitaev's approach.},
author = {H. Ahmadi and C.-F. Chiang},
journal = {Quant. Info. and Comp.},
title = {Quantum phase estimation with arbitrary constant-precision phase shift operators},
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pages = {0864},
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