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abstract = {When submitted to a high-frequency radiation at low temperature, a mesoscopic conductor develops a sample specific dc voltage. We have investigated this photovoltaic (PV) effect on GaAs/Ga1-x Alx As Aharonov-Bohm rings at temperatures varying between 30 mK and 1 K. The rf induced PV voltage is a purely mesoscopic effect which exhibits both periodic and aperiodic magnetic flux dependences with zero average value. The harmonics content and symmetry of this flux dependent PV voltage close to zero field depend on the radiation frequency compared to the inverse diffusion time around the sample. The frequency dependence also exhibits sharp resonances which position sign and amplitude strongly depend on magnetic field. We attribute these resonances to the presence of two level systems at resonance with the frequency of the electromagnetic field. 2007 The American Physical Society.},
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