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Abstract = {Low-temperature magnetoconductance measurements were made in the vicinity of the charge neutrality point (CNP). Two origins for the fluctuations were identified close to the CNP. At very low magnetic fields there exist only mesoscopic magnetoconductance quantum interference features which develop rapidly as a function of density. At slightly higher fields (>0.5 T), close to the CNP, additional fluctuations track the quantum Hall (QH) sequence expected for monolayer graphene. These additional features are attributed to effects of locally charging individual QH localized states. These effects reveal a precursor to the quantum Hall effect since, unlike previous transport observations of QH dot charging effects, they occur in the absence of quantum Hall plateaus or Shubnikov-de Haas oscillations. From our transport data we are able to extract parameters that characterize the inhomogeneities in our device. {\copyright} 2010 The American Physical Society.},
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