Équipe de Recherche en Physique de l'Information Quantique


Author = {Nicolas Delfosse, Pavithran Iyer and David Poulin},
Abstract = {We consider a notion of relative homology (and cohomology) for surfaces with two types of boundaries. Using this tool, we study a generalization of Kitaev's code based on surfaces with mixed boundaries. This construction includes both Bravyi and Kitaev's and Freedman and Meyer's extension of Kitaev's toric code. We argue that our generalization offers a denser storage of quantum information. In a planar architecture, we obtain a three-fold overhead reduction over the standard architecture consisting of a punctured square lattice.},
Eprint = {arXiv:1606.7116},
Keywords = {LDPC; Topological QC},
Title = {Generalized surface codes and packing of logical qubits},
Year = {2016},
Local-url = {DIP16a.pdf}}