Équipe de Recherche en Physique de l'Information Quantique


Year = {2010},
Abstract = {Topological quantum error-correcting codes are defined by geometrically local checks on a two-dimensional lattice of quantum bits (qubits), making them particularly well suited for fault-tolerant quantum information processing. Here, we present a decoding algorithm for topological codes that is faster than previously known algorithms and applies to a wider class of topological codes. Our algorithm makes use of two methods inspired from statistical physics: renormalization groups and mean-field approximations. First, the topological code is approximated by a concatenated block code that can be efficiently decoded. To improve this approximation, additional consistency conditions are imposed between the blocks, and are solved by a belief propagation algorithm.},
title = {A renormalization group decoding algorithm for topological quantum codes},
booktitle = {IEEE Information Theory Workshop},
author = {Guillaume Duclos-Cianci and David Poulin},
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