Équipe de Recherche en Physique de l'Information Quantique


Abstract = {We present a three-dimensional generalization of a renormalization group decoding algorithm for topological codes with Abelian anyonic excitations that we previously introduced for two dimensions. This 3D implementation extends our previous 2D algorithm by incorporating a failure probability of the syndrome measurements, i.e., it enables fault-tolerant decoding. We report a fault-tolerant storage threshold of 1.9(4)% for Kitaev's toric code subject to a 3D bit-flip channel (i.e. including imperfect syndrome measurements). This number is to be compared with the 2.9% value obtained via perfect matching. The 3D generalization inherits many properties of the 2D algorithm, including a complexity linear in the space-time volume of the memory, which can be parallelized to logarithmic time.},
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