Équipe de Recherche en Physique de l'Information Quantique


Abstract = {While topological quantum computation is intrinsically fault-tolerant at zero temperature, it looses its topological protection at any finite temperature. We present a scheme to protect the information stored in a system supporting non-cyclic anyons against thermal and measurement errors. The correction procedure builds on the work of G'acs cite{Gacs_86} and Harrington cite{Harrington_04} and operates as a local cellular automaton. In contrast to previously studied schemes, our scheme is valid for both abelian and non-abelian anyons and accounts for measurement errors. We prove the existence of a fault-tolerant threshold and numerically simulate the procedure for a system of Ising anyons. The result of our simulations are consistent with a threshold between $10^{-4}$ and $10^{-3}$.},
Author = {Guillaume Dauphinais and David Poulin},
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