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abstract = {The complex ac conductance G(ω0) of a system measures the dynamical response of the current to a small voltage excitation at frequency ω0. It cannot in general be deduced from the only knowledge of the dc I(V) characteristics. Similarly, we investigate the dynamical response of current noise to an ac excitation, i.e. the in-phase and out-of-phase response of current noise density S(ω) measured at frequency ω. We present a detailed calculation of this new response function Χω0 (ω), that we name noise susceptibility, at arbitrary frequencies for a coherent conductor in the scattering matrix formalism. We exemplify the relevance of our calculation by the measurement of the noise susceptibility of a tunnel junction in the quantum regime ℏω ∼ ℏω0 ≫ kBT, which is in remarkable agreement with our theory.},
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