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Abstract = {As part of a Kapitza resistance study, the thermal resistance between the phonon and3He quasiparticle excitations in three dilute3He-4He mixtures (0.03%, 0.1%, and 0.3%3He) has been measured over the temperature range 20-50 mK. The results are compared with a theory based upon the Baym-Ebner interaction between the excitations. The temperature dependences agree, but the measured resistance is smaller than the theoretical resistance by a factor of ∼2 that varies inversely with concentration. This concentration-dependent phonon-quasiparticle coupling discrepancy is consistent with the results of recent heat pulse absorption experiments by Husson et al. An indirect measurement was made of the same thermal resistance in3He-4He mixtures confined within the pores of a submicrometer sintered copper powder, with the results confirming a size-effect model for the resistance. {\copyright} 1984 Plenum Publishing Corporation.},
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