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Abstract = {We have measured the magnetoresistance ρ(H,T0) of the magnetic Kondo lattice CeAl2 at temperatures T0 in the range 0.035 - 1.3 K, well below the N{\'e}el temperature TN=3.8 K, in magnetic fields H up to 145 k0e. The ρ vs H curve exhibits a rapid decrease between H=45-65 kOe corresponding to the metamagnetic transition at H=HM. The resistivity then levels out to a value which depends only weakly on field and temperature. For H<HM a small positive magnetoresistance was observed with the derivative dρ/dH increasing as the temperature is lowered. The present results are compared with the ρ(H,T0) data obtained for the CePb3 magnetic Kondo lattice, where the decrease in the resistivity at H∼HM was considered earlier to be evidence of field induced superconductivity. {\copyright} 1986.},
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