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title = {Coherent manipulation of individual electron spin in a double quantum dot integrated with a micromagnet},
abstract = {We report the coherent manipulation of electron spins in a double quantum dot integrated with a micromagnet. We performed electric dipole spin resonance experiments in the continuous wave (CW) and pump-and-pobe modes. We observed two resonant CW peaks and two Rabi oscillations of the quantum dot current by sweeping an external magnetic field at a fixed frequency. Two peaks and oscillations are measured at different resonant magnetic field, which reflects the fact that the local magnetic fields at each quantum dot are modulated by the stray field of a micromagnet. As predicted with a density matrix approach, the CW current is quadratic with respect to microwave (MW) voltage while the Rabi frequency (nu(Rabi)) is linear. The difference between the nu(Rabi) values of two Rabi oscillations directly reflects the MW electric field across the two dots. These results show that the spins on each dot can be manipulated coherently at will by tuning the micromagnet alignment and MW electric field.},
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