Équipe de Recherche en Physique de l'Information Quantique


Abstract = { Motivated by the growing interest in self-correcting quantum memories, we study the feasibility of self-correction in classical lattice systems composed of bounded degrees of freedom with local interactions. We argue that self-correction, including a requirement of stability against external perturbation, cannot be realized in system with broken global symmetries such as the 2d Ising model, but that systems with local, i.e. gauge, symmetries have the required properties. Previous work gave a three-dimensional quantum system which realized a self-correcting classical memory. Here we show that a purely classical three dimensional system, Wegner's 3D Ising lattice gauge model, can also realize this self-correction despite having an extensive ground state degeneracy. We give a detailed numerical study to support the existence of a self-correcting phase in this system, even when the gauge symmetry is explicitly broken. More generally, our results obtained by studying the memory lifetime of the system are in quantitative agreement with the phase diagram obtained from conventional analysis of the system's specific heat, except that self-correction extends beyond the topological phase, past the lower critical temperature.},
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