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Abstract = {We present the first radiative lifetime measurements and magneto-photoluminescence results of excited states in InGaAs/GaAs semiconductor self-assembled quantum dots. By increasing the photo-excitation intensity, excited state interband transitions up to n = 5 can be observed in the emission spectrum. The dynamics of the interband transitions and the inter-sublevel relaxation in these zero-dimensional energy levels lead to state-filling of the lower-energy states, allowing the quasi-Fermi level to be raised by more than 200 meV due to the combined large inter-sublevel spacing and the low density of states. The decay time of each energy level obtained under various excitation conditions is used to evaluate the inter-sublevel thermalization time. Finally, the emission spectrum of the dots filled with an average of about eight excitons is measured in magnetic fields up to 13 Tesla. The dependences of the spectrum as a function of carrier density and magnetic field are compared to calculations and interpreted in terms of coherent many-exciton states and their destruction by the magnetic field.},
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