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Abstract = {He3 film flow has been observed. The maximum flow rate, at 0.7 mK, over a rim 0.9 mm above the He3 level, was 1.2 mm3/h corresponding to an approximate flow velocity of 0.2 mm/sec. A flow rate of 0.2 mm3/h 0.1 mm/sec) was measured with the rim 14 mm above the level. The transition to superflow occurred at 3.5 0.5 mK for the 0.9-mm film and 2.0 0.5 mK for the 14-mm film. This flow is in a regime where the film thickness is less than or comparable to the bulk superfluid He3 coherence length 1000 at 0.8 mK) and the temperature is higher than the bulk He3 superfluid transition temperature (1.08 mK) and corresponds, we believe, to a two-dimensional superfluid phase of He3. {\copyright} 1985 The American Physical Society.},
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