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Abstract = {To help develop quantum circuits, much effort has been directed toward achieving the strong-coupling regime by using gate-defined semiconductor quantum dots. Potentially, the magnetic dipole, or spin, of a single electron for use as a qubit has advantages over charge-photon coupling owing to its longer lifetime. Samkharadze et al. hybridized the electron spin with the electron charge in a double silicon quantum dot. This approach yielded strong coupling between the single electron spin and a single microwave photon, providing a route to scalable quantum circuits with spin qubits.Science, this issue p. 1123Long coherence times of single spins in silicon quantum dots make these systems highly attractive for quantum computation, but how to scale up spin qubit systems remains an open question. As a first step to address this issue, we demonstrate the strong coupling of a single electron spin and a single microwave photon. The electron spin is trapped in a silicon double quantum dot, and the microwave photon is stored in an on-chip high-impedance superconducting resonator. The electric field component of the cavity photon couples directly to the charge dipole of the electron in the double dot, and indirectly to the electron spin, through a strong local magnetic field gradient from a nearby micromagnet. Our results provide a route to realizing large networks of quantum dot{ extendash}based spin qubit registers.},
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